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United We Pledge Academy will provide learning experiences for the youth relevant to significant moments in American history and government. This will provide youth with an opportunity to celebrate and fall in love with our nation’s rich heritage.

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Our Curriculum

United We Pledge is proud to announce its very own FREE home-based curriculum for youth and families!Our curriculum is designed to inspire youth (especially 12-15 year-olds) and teach them an accurate history that will instill in them a love for liberty and American values.

United We Pledge Academy cultivates young people to:

  • Learn America’s history

  • Treasure the principles of liberty

  • Minister to our country as stewards of liberty


Lesson Structure

Each lesson is designed to be 15-20 minutes long that can easily be taught around the dinner table. Every lesson is based on a themed principle to inspire a deeper understanding of history and desire to carry on the spirit of America and unify our nation.


Lesson Content

Every lesson is deeply rooted in primary source referencing. Accurate historical context and factual accounts ensure an unbiased account of history. We pride ourselves on offering completely objective education and embrace the "good" and the "bad" in our nation's founding history.


Lesson Timeline

Our lessons are featured in a series of free courses that have individual themes such as: Influential Women In History, American Heritage Course, Constitution Course, and more! We aim to release a new lessons every month.

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